Kederath is a member of a band of Bandits who were hired by the Loxiku to locate one of the The Three Keys. He also has a deep and almost obsessive love for muffins. Magmamale, MylesC (Minecraft Wars) and TycerX(Minecraft Wars) encountered him while invading a bandit camp, and interrogated him about the crates, the Loxiku and the cage which contained Carlos. The trio allowed him to escape with the muffins.

Return and DeathEdit

After escaping with his muffins, he relocated to the Nether, where he built himself a muffin shaped house. Later, during their search for the missing Alfonso (while battling demonic monsters), the trio discover his odd shaped house and find Alfonso and Kederath in the house. Tycer, in the action of the moment, brutally stabed Kederath to death.

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