Jonathan Blackhammer is a member of the Blackhammer Family and most notably Rory Blackhammer's father. He and the rest of the family lived in the conquered city of Fanton Barless when Rory Blackhammer, Lord Rory Blackhammer II , his sister, and mother moved to Winterly Rock, the rest remained in Fanton oppressed by Edd and occupied by the Army of Pork forced to live underground or as slaves. He now lives in Winterly Rock and holds a chair in the High Council.


Jonathan Blackhammer began his early years in apprenticeship for 15 years learning and mastering the ancient art of forgery in the Grand Forge of Fanton Barless. He then passed on his skills and took on a apprentice, his son Rory Blackhammer, to learn the ways and succeed him to keep the tradition alive. He became the head of the forge soon after. Eventually, Fanton Barless was invaded and conquered leaving Rory Blackhammer to leave and find refuge to continue the Blackhammer family. Jonathan remained underground in the forge to evade being killed or used as a slave.

FMB's InfiltrationEdit

Lord Rory Blackhammer II led FunkMasterBlast and Ricochet to Fanton Barless to discover if anyone is alive and if it is still occupied. Sure enough, the city was still under control by Edd after sneaking past guards and fighting guards to free slaves, one Slave Elder led FMB into the Fanton Barless Mines where they had to complete many arduous tasks to prove worthiness of the secrets of the Grand Forge of Fanton. They soon proved worthiness and upon entering the forge they met Jonathan Blackhammer. FMB asked if he was the father of Rory Senior noticing the resemblance and name. Jonathan told them he had a son named Rory. FunkMasterBlast explained what had happen to Rory from the moment he arrived to Winterly Rock to his death at Marston Klemp. Jonathan understandingly told FMB where the exit is and that they will gather refugees and meet them back at Winterly Rock.

Moving to Winterly RockEdit

Jonathan gathered all the hammers and escaped Fanton Barless arriving at Winterly Rock weeks later. He was given Rory Blackhammer's former house and other hammers to live in Blackhammer Keep. Jonathan then produced Blackhammer Steel better then the current 15 dwarves and Rory Blackhammer respectively. He now holds a position on the Winterly Rock High Council representing the hammers.

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