Jimli Construction Company was Jimli's construction company and business after winning the position of Mayor (due to Rory Blackhammer's death).Which greatly improved the city's buildings and constructed the Great Cathedral for the Golden Spanner

The First MayorEdit

After winning the election due to the death of Rory Blackhammer and to Ricochet's grief, Jimli formed his own construction company. Which began building a large section for the marketplace and the Cathedral of the Spanner.During which Rich discovered that Jimli had promoting his company through signs say his construction company is the best, Rich imminently tore it down and put up that Jimli's Construction Co is the worst.

Improving the CityEdit

Jimi began a mass improving of the town and castle, creating a large market square, and the Crumblesome District. During which one of the dwarven workers created a small place of worship and a statue of the Holy Warhammer of Holiness(much to Rich and Funk's dismay at the Hammer statue).


After Edd's invasion of Winterly Rock,much of the Company's profits were lost to the invading Pig Army, resulting in Jimli losing his company and his workers fleeing to the Hammer of the Pass(along with Jimli).

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