Jimli, son of Groin, is the leader of the Dwarves in Winterly Rock. He ran for mayor of Winterly Rock along with Rory Blackhammer and _Ricochet with Rory Blackhammer winning but with his death, Jimli, the runner up, became mayor. Jimli was one of the first of many to swear fealty to Lord Funk, Master Of Blast along with his fellow dwarves who took shelter underneath Winterly Rock when it was first taking shape.

Joining Winterly RockEdit

Jimli was the steward of the Holy mountain, and is quite a fierce miner/digger. He is also very knowledgeable about the affairs of Dwarves, and dwarven lore. Jimli came under the protection of Winterly Rock after his kinsmen were scattered by the war between the dwarves and Army of Pork.

Army of Winterly RockEdit

As Jimli is the leader of the Dwarves of Winterly Rock, he also led the Dwarven battalion of the Army of Winterly Rock. Jimli recruited many of his kinsmen into the army, however, leadership of the Dwarven Soldiers has since been passed to Azguz Blutfaust. Azguz was a seasoned warrior dwarf who was more fit for the position than Jimli, although Jimli still holds executive control.


Jimli became Mayor of the Town of Winterly Rock following the winning candidate's (Rory Blackhammer's) death. Upon entering office he immediately set up the Jimli Construction Co. and began greatly improving the town. Some of Jimli's exploits as mayor include the construction of many new housing developments and the Great Cathedral.


Jimli is based off of the Lord of the Rings character Gimli.