The Intergalactic beings are a race of My Little Pony-esk aliens who came to inhabit FMB's space station during Voltz Wars: Season Four. The aliens have demonstrated their ability to communicate through telepathy. Now they are working for FMB by operating the station's trade of anti-matter.

Arrival to the StationEdit

S.Commander Rilfom and a group of My Little Pony like Aliens were traveling by space ship, nearby the space station, when their antimatter drives began to run low. Rilfom ordered the ship to dock at the station. Inside the beings found the place abandoned, due to The Early Dawn. After finding pamphlets about rentals and antimatter the aliens soon believe it to be rest stop and fueling station.

Setting Up ShopEdit

Soon after setting up their home on the abandoned station, they began to trade and do business with other traveling alien beings. They also pay rent and collect profits from the visitors for FMB, as well.

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