This page has no source and has therefore been dubbed non-canon

The Imperialists or the Imperial Remnants are what remains of the Empire of Pork and the last followers of Porkology.Unlike the rest who abandoned the power of Pork after Edd's corruption was broken,these loyalists still control a castle called Knavesmire led by a mysterious supporter of Pork only known as "The Disciple". Since the entire race of Porkmen reverted to pigs, the Imperialists are all Humans who did not give up pork, like the vast majority of others did went back to their old lives after their corruption was broken. These holdouts are a small threat at least and are not a major power to be feared. The Disciple is only known to had a secret connection possibly even a apprentice.

This page's source is unknown. An investigation has been launched to look into where it originates. If you have any information regarding the validity of this page, please post into the comments

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