House Blackhammer or House of Blackhammer is a noble house from the city of Fanton Barless and later Winterly Rock.

Fleeing From PorkEdit

During Edd's first mass invasions and conquests, the people of Fanton were one of the first to fall to the Pig Army. Rory Blackhammer took his family(expect Jonathan) and fled from the city to the newly founded castle of Winterly Rock.Where Rory sweared fealty to FunkMasterBlast and became the blacksmith of the town, building a small two storied house and blacksmith's shop.

Serving their LordEdit

Rory and his family helped produce Blackhammer Steel which helped improve the every growing army's armor and weapons. During the incident in which Edd kidnapped both Rory Jr and Ricochet(for the purpose of creating the Perfect Glaze).Rory and Funk journeyed to the fortress where they believed the two were being held, battling several pigmen and General Black Pudding. Then proceed to free the prisoners(including Clone 47 and Bernard),also destroying the fortress. Some time later after Rory Jr was taken by mysterious "shadows, Rory and the combine forces of Dwarves and Grudgebringers made their way to Elysium to confront David and Finbar. Only to discovered the city in flames, FMB believed that a riot had taken place and retreated back to Wintery Rock(in truth it was the aftermath of Finbar's Trial).

The New LordEdit

After the heroic death of Rory and the 16 brave Grudgebringers, Lord Rory Blackhammer II was appointed lord by Funk and given land to govern in his name .In time Blackhammer Keep was created and several people living under Lord Blackhammer became Hammermen, serving and protecting the land and villagers of House Blackhammer. Unknown to everyone even Lord Blackhammer himself that a certain evil had converted him into a sleeper agent for the purpose of destroying the Rock and enslaving it's people under the dark will of Rapture.

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