High Wizard Galardon was once the high wizard to the elven civilization of Twilight., but was corrupted by the Porkcrux of Control, before corrupting his fellow wizards and then the entire forest. He was later slain by David and some elven warriors.

Corruption and DeathEdit

After Edd2012 gave the Porkcrux of Control to Galardon, the wizard became corrupted and then caused the rest of the wizards to slowly join him by casting an eerie fog over the fallen elven capital and Twilight Forest, causing creatures like giant spiders and ghostly spirits to attack, while corrupting other elves lost in the fog to transform into the Taken by the Fog. He allowed the dark woods below his tower to swarm with the Taken and other dark creatures. This was until David and a band of surviving elven warriors stormed the tower, killing the former high wizard and his disciples but at the cost of the entire squad. This saved the Elves of Twilight from extinction and the Twilight Forest from falling into anarchy.

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