The High Priest was the religious leader of the village of Sandy Crack, where he preached his unknown religion. Before FunkMasterBlast and Ricochet arrived, Edd2012 in his plan to increase his Pork influence lured many of the Villagers to join his new religion.


The High Priest asked Fmb to help fulfill several lumberjacking deals involving the trees from the colored forest. In return he would tell more about Edd's new religion.

Air RaidEdit

Before he could tell any more information, FnD flew in on their airships and began assaulting the village (due to the events of Early Dawn). The High Priest was brutality sniped by Finbarhawkes who later massacred any villagers he found including children and later FMB.


  • The High Priest's skin is probably based off of Dr Ouroboros from Voltz Wars: Season Three. It can be speculated that this means that the Priest's religion is that of the Tonatiuh.
  • During their stay at Sandy Crack, FMB found several odd things including a blood stained altar, a couple of villagers on a tower's roof (which they believed to be a religious ritual) and a desert temple (later used by Edd to trap Rob and kidnap Rich), which may have been involved in the Priest's bizarre religion.

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