High Mage Saenorath was an extremely powerful dark elf mage who has lived for thousands of years. He somehow discovered the dark magic of Psychomancy allowing him to alter others' memories and control their minds.

The SummoningEdit

King Luthais ordered Saenorath to preform a dark ritual to summon the Dragons and use them to wage a war on the other races. But he lost control other them. The Dragons then began attacking and causing untold destruction to the mortal races.

War of the DragonsEdit

After losing control over the dragons, Saenorath became scared and hide himself in some ruins of the Holy Lands. Finbar found him and asked him to help stop the dragons. He and the Allied Army of Rapture fought the dragons, slaying many on both sides. He and his loyal mages destroyed the portal which spawned dragons, thus saving the day.


The races then came to Rapture. Creating houses, a pub, a monument to honor the fallen, a large marketplace, a library/mage training hall, barracks and a carpenter's workshop. He assisted Finbar by removing the memories of Alanna to protect her. Later he told Finbar about weaponizing his mind altering magic as a superweapon.


During the Invasion of Elysium. The Naga slithered into the Docks and this allowed Saenorath to transport him and his mage followers to Elysium. There the naga and dark elf mages fought the Royal Army of Elysium and several clones. Then Laergulon and Guldir arrived to deal with dark mages. Saenorath casted Dark magic, killing Guldir. But then in a rage Laergulon preformed his most powerful curse that transformed the master mage into a sheep.


  • It is unknown if he survived the destruction of Elysium, but if he did he would be one of the most powerful surviving individual.
  • With his mastery of darker magic like Psychomancy, he could as well use these powers to help rebuild Rapture by using this power to mind control the survivors of the War.

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