Guldir was the apprentice to Laergulon. He died along with his master by the foul hands of the Dark Elf mages and their dark magic,defending Elysium from Finbar's evil.


Guldir was born in the Twilight Forest, many years ago before Edd came. He had talent for powerful magical skills. Then became an apprentice to Laergulon and studied all sorts of magic.


After the destruction of the elf capital, Guldir left with the surviving elves to Elysium.There they began planting their new homes and constructing a wizard tower for Laergulon and his apprentice, creating the elven gardens in the process due to the magic trees that were planted.

Endwalker CrisisEdit

Guldir was sent by Laergulon to help the Royal Army of Elysium deal with a sinister cult.Guldir knocked the cult leader out with a magical projectile, who was trying to escape.

Ryan the CheaterEdit

During the Tournaments, Guldir saw Ryan's aura and concluded that something was helping him win. Later David and him went down to the Bloodworks and discovered Ryan was using potions to enhance his strength and speed. Using his potion brewing skills, he and David switched the potions with his special potions. Later during the finals, Ryan shrank due to the effects of the potion during the fight and lost.


Guldir along with is mentor died defend Elysium from Finbar's minions during the Invasion of Elysium.But not before killing several Dark elf mages before falling to their dark magic.

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