Galardon's Disciples were a small order of corrupted elven wizards, along with High Wizard Galardon who caused the Twilight Fog.


Before Edd2012 came to the Twilight Forest, the Elves of Twilight built a thriving civilization of magic and prosperity.High Wizard Galardon along with the circle of wizards helped cast powerful magic to ensure thriving crops and defense of the capital city. The Elven Wizard Order of Twilight had six members including Laergulon who served the Monarchy of the Elves until being corrupted by the Porkcrux.


Until Edd2012 came to the Twilight Forest,he taught the wizards even more powerful magic making the crops thrive, before leaving he gave Galardon a piece of glowing meat which turned out to be the Porkcrux of Control. Galardon became power hungry and infected the rest of the wizards with his evil. Soon he along with his corrupted followers casted a dark and evil fog over the forest. Many of the elves who became lost were converted into the sinister Taken by the Fog and further increased the corruption and evil over the dying forest.

The Fall of the CircleEdit

The corrupted wizards began increasing their dark hold over the Forest and drove the surviving elves into hideout underground. Until D 2the avid and several elven warriors raided Galardon's tower battling spiders, skeletons, swarms of the "taken by the fog" and other dark and twisted creatures. There they slew the remaining corrupted wizards losing many of his comrades to the wizards 'evil magic.D 2the avid and his two remaining rangers encountered High Wizard Galardon himself, in the form of a hulking skeletal lich.Elvedui along with his warriors fell to the corrupted High Wizard's magic skulls and dark powers. Until David with Ukufutheka in hand slew the wizard ending his evil and bringing the fallen wizards's hold over the Forest to an end.

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