Finbarhawkes is a Major character in Minecraft Aporkalypse. Finbar has no memory of the past but does see small flashbacks in his dreams, but that is all that he thinks they are - dreams. Finbar hates eating pork - these could all be clues to his previous life fighting the forces of Pork.

Simple Farm LifeEdit

As a farmer he has a simple life and has two cows, Ezio Mooditore (Minecraft Aporkalypse) and Galatus, that he likes to talk to as he seems to be extremely lonely. In a conversation with his cows he gives away his great hatred for eating pork and also his love for his animals.

Trip to WessexEdit

On a trip to Wessex he finds a flood has overwhelmed large areas of the town and seems to carry a mysterious plague that has poisoned the soil and is killing all the crops, making his farm one of the only places to not be affected and making it be very valuable. After that Finbar returned to his farm only to discover his cows missing and a note from the tax collector.

Shady DealEdit

After learning of the tax collector taking his cows, Finbar ventured back to Wessex to try and find work to earn 10 gold coins. He finally found a mysterious trader who offered him a large amount of coins in return for him venturing to Darkwood Forest and stealing a amulet from a witch. Finbar agreed and set off to the forest.

Darkwood ForestEdit

With that Finbar went into the forest, fearing the rumors of the beast and witch that were said to dwell there. Soon he began to feel like he was being followed and he could hear strange noises. After some time he came to a small cottage in the meadow where the witch was said to live. Slowly he entered the cottage, finding several magical things and a skeleton. Out of nowhere D 2the avid (Minecraft Aporkalypse) appeared - a bizarre child who has no sense of reality and just wants to play with his pet. He says that his dead mother, the witch, has told him that Finbar would come to play. Finbar takes advantage of this and steals the amulet. After this he and David set off to the town to get the reward from the Shady Trader. On his return he gives the item to the dealer and gets his pay at a pick up point amounting to 50 gold coins, while David and Hal stay in the woods due to the townspeople not liking them. With that Finbar and David head to get the cows.

Tax Paying Edit

The pair head to another town to pay the taxes and retrieve Finbar's cows. There Finbar talks to the tax collector who has charged him 5 more gold coins interest. He pays and then he and David take the cows back to the farm.

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