In an effort to bring the fight back to David, Finbar has acquired numerous superweapons. These weapons are capable of causing death and destruction on a massive scale and Finbar hopes to use them to crush David and FMB and win the war for himself.

Saphira Edit

Saphira is Finbar's dragon. After the War of the Dragons, the dragon egg was found by Xartha, an Orc. Xartha took the egg to Rapture when the people of the world left and handed it to Finbar. Finbar hatched the egg and despite elf King Luthias' protests, he decided to raise the dragon. Saphira proved to be kind-hearted, but capable of doing massive amounts of damage. Finbar unleashed her against FMB and it was only through the intervention of an ice mage, that the rock was saved.

World Eater Mk2 Edit

A beefed up version of the World Eater that Finbar and David built in Season 3. Instead of mining, this World Eater is designed to destroy as much as possible. It is also much faster and more efficient than the previous world eater. Finbar hopes to use it to destroy the walls of Elysium, allowing his troops to enter the city, before causing further mayhem and then moving on to Winterly Rock.

Space Laser Edit

Finbar has built a highly deadly space station that can wreak havoc on the planet below. Using particle accelerators and beacons. It catches the photons emitted by the sun and accelerates them to the point that they cause devastating exothermic or endothermic blasts.

Saenorath's Mind Altering Magic Edit

Saenorath has demonstrated mind erasing magic. Than gave Finbar an idea to weaponize this dark and powerful magic to suit Finbar and Rapture's defense and offence.

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