Finbar's followers or Finbar's Slave Army are a ever-growing army of people who Finbar has tortured, genetically modified and brainwashed in his plans to protect him and help establish his drug empire.


After being exiled from the clan for experimenting on children and members of the clan, Finbar traveled far from his old gang. Planning to create his own faction and using his drugs to complete it, he was later forced to move due to a scouting party. He created a base near a large jungle and Nathan's farm where FMB currently is.


Finbar had Dragon Knight Kovo start "recruiting" some locals, establishing a drug cartel and producing drugs to gain more members and profit. Finbar has also begun spying on several other factions including FMB and The Trio. He also has begun to hatch a baby dragon and enforcing security in his base by clearing out several trees and flatting the area for a strong defensive spot.

Forces in the ArmyEdit

Mutant Super-soldiersEdit

Former Humans who have gone through vigorous training, brainwashing and genetic modification. Completely loyal to their master due to a process of indoctrination, with their DNA being rewritten and manipulated, they are no longer completely human.

Cyber ZombiesEdit

Corpses of deceased villagers or humans reanimated through being implanted with a cybernetic microchip, by Finbar, in the brainstem, slowly infusing the dead cells and programmed to obey him, which allows him to manipulate the corpses, like puppets, to his will.


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