Fanton Barless is a large castle and city located in Southern Merth.


The city of Fanton was home to some of the most powerful smiths on Merth. The Master smiths used magic to bend the metal and create all sorts of impressive weapons and armour, such as the legendary weapon called Hammer of DragonHammer, used to slay Dragons.

Enslavement Under PorkEdit

Fanton was one of the first to fall to Edd's Army of Pork. The entire population was forced into slavery under the boots of the traitorous Men of Pork. The slaves were used to mine and create war machines for their oppressors.


Rob, Rich and Lord Rory Jr. Blackhammer travelled to the fallen city to rescue the townsfolk from Porky enslavement. There they encountered a large amount of Men of Pork in control of the entire city and population. Rob and Rich managed to sneak into the mines where most of the slaves were caged. They killed the guards and freed the people, before travelling deep into a mines and encountering the mysterious slave elder who told them about the trials they would need to learn the secrets of Fanton. After completing the trials and battling Stone Men, they found the Forge of Fanton and the secrets, then ascended to the top of the city. Lord Rory Jr. Blackhammer and his Hammermen rescued the remaining townsfolk and travelled back to the Hammer of the Pass.


  • Many of the human smiths have "Hammer" in their names as a sign of respect to the Master smiths.
  • The Master smiths practice and teach a form of magic that allows them to bend the metal to their will and desire.

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