The Evil Lair was the base built by FnD after their Volcano Lair was spotted by Tattyseal and Pyrostasis. It was built thousands of years after the first however when their old world was destroyed in a 2012 type volcanic apocalypse.

Structure Edit

Tt was built into the side of a mountain and had a 360 view made of camouflage blocks. It has a toilet bath and sink until they were later dismantled and chests filled their space.

Power Edit

The base was mainly powered by solar with energy cube to hold excess power for use when the sun went down. The power had to power a number of machines but also a giant quarry where Finbar and David gathered supplies.

Defense Edit

The lair is knitted out with a radar station to track down enemy's and also a to later build a missile defense system. Along with this all members of the base carry a musket to defend it if it were ever attacked.

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