The Elysium Remnants or the Remnants are a post-destruction Elysium survivalist group led by Jermaine, with the single goal of surviving and carrying on the name of Elysium.


After the destruction of the Army, and the deaths of Finbar and David. Ordered by his fallen friend, Jermaine gathered the surviving elves, soldiers and citizens. Then fled deep into the Blue Gardens, there he was made king of the survivors. He swore to kill Edd and the remaining followers of Rapture, thus the Remnants were formed.

End of PorkEdit

After the purging of Edd from pork. It is assumed that Jermaine and the Remnants joined with Winterly Rock. It is even thought that the remnants jumped after FunkMasterBlast and _Ricochet and Edd along into the Black Hole of Death in the middle of Elysium and/or rebuilt Elysium not knowing where Rich disappeared too. Living in peace and harmony from the evil of pork.

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