The Dwarves in Minecraft Wars are short but burly race of humanoids who live deep underground. It is possible that the Dwarves in Minecraft Wars are the same as the the Dwarves in Voltz Wars: Season Four, except being from an indeterminate time after the events of Season Four. Most of the dwarves live in the hidden underground Dwarven Stronghold, and are therefore cut off from the rest of society. TycerX, MylesC and Magmamale were the first outsiders to enter the Dwarven Stronghold as they were led in by the dwarf Dozla Gravelhand. The trio promply named the previously unnamed city Karlos Minefeld after their friend Carlos, and the fact that the city looks like a minefield. The Dwarven leader during the time the trio were in the city was Kaznok Dimshield. Unfortunately, during the dwarves' war with the Demons, all of the dwarves under Dimsheild's command were slain in a massive battle. This left The Stronghold mostly defenseless, leading to the trio promising to defend it.

Stronghold Dwarves Edit

- Kaznok Dimshield

- Dozla Gravelhand

- Theddon Flintforge

- Brommad Harrolf

- Malissa Blessid

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