The Demons are a vast force of evil demonic monsters who have either existed in their hellish state since the dawn of time or used to be ordinary Villagers who were transformed into demonic beings. The original Demons were the kin of Namtar, and he now leads the whole demon faction. The Demons were trapped in mortal bodies by the Wizards of Light during a massive war thousands of years before Minecraft Wars. Finbarhawkes accidentally unleashed the demons when he brought The Three Keys to Namtar.

Types of DemonsEdit


The most basic and most common demons. The original Souless were the kin of Namtar and were trapped in the bodies of Ancient Knights by the Wizards of Light. They still resemble the human form.


Hideous monsters who have lost all trace of their former human form. They are animalistic and dangerous.


Large powerful floating demons. They have massive amounts of health, even compared to the other demons.

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