David (aka D_2the_avid) was a minor character in Voltz Wars spinoff series Voltzified. He was a renowned sellsword thousands of years before Voltzified took place. He was quite simple but good at what he did. He was always loyal to those who bought his services, though that didn't always end well for him...

Pre-Voltzified Edit

Thousands of years ago, David was hired by the wizard Mafsat to search for a key. The job was high paying and appeared quite simple. His search brought him into the middle of a battle but David's spectacular ability to run away served him well. He found and returned the key to Mafsat but to his surprise Mafsat ordered his cultists to bury him alive. A spell was placed upon David and he would only reawaken when the time to use the key was right.

Season 1 Edit

Reawakened Edit

David awoke several thousand years later trapped in his own coffin. Luckily for him, Tycer and Sean had heard the earthquake that signified the release of the spell and were there to uncover him. He was taken back to Tycer's mountain base where a deal was agreed for David to go undercover to find out about Jack and Caff.

LeBron Edit

While on the way to his assignment David, travelling with Sean and Tycer, had a brief conflict with Caff and Jack at the volcano. Again, David's ability to run away came in handy as he managed to escape unnoticed and navigate his way to Caff and Jack's base.

The two discovered him when they came back from fighting and naturally seemed perplexed by the appearance of a total stranger in their base. David adopted the alias of 'LeBron'. Having seemingly convinced them of his new identity, David sets about infiltrating their base. However while he does this Tycer and Sean fired a missile at the base. Being the simple minded man he is though, David is blissfully unaware that Sean and Tycer see him as an expendable resource.

He assists Caff and Jack in building chemical explosives. While doing so, he hears about Caff's computer and assumes it must be the key he's looking for. He takes one of the explosives, gets dressed in a Hazmat suit and convinces Caff to let him look at the computer. He ignites the explosive and runs back to Sean and Tycer, having completed his assignment.

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