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David's Villager Skin

D_2the_avid, known simply as David is a major character in Minecraft Wars. David lives in a small homestead secluded from the rest of the war's factions. David lives with his wife, Christina, his son, David Jr., and the father, Grandpa Jim. David has employed Blackwell, Louis and Ankin to take care of his livestock and work the fields. David became quite wealthy from exporting wheat but has preferred to be peaceful in the war so far.

Farm LifeEdit

D 2the avid (Minecraft Wars) owned a large homestead far from the other factions which continually waged war across the land. He and his family along with a few other settlers found that the land around their settlement was rich and fertile due to the nearby volcano, due to the fertility of the crops, David became wealthy and had began to try his hand at domesticating some wild cows.

Slimes Arrival Edit

One day the settlers woke up to discover two mysterious floating islands above the fields, overtime Blue Slimes began to appear and started infesting the crops. David later nerd poled up and discovers that the islands were made of slime and the culprit to the slime infestation.

Expedition Below Edit

Later David and party of Louis, Ankin, and Christina set out to mine, after locating and descending down into a ravine and began mining. David suddenly heard what sound like a creeper exploding and find Louis down while Ankin and Christina helping him after being attacked by a creeper. While Ankin and Christina took Louis back, David stay behind to mine more.

Mysterious Find Edit

As David continues to mine, encountering a large amount of zombies,skeletons and creepers including dodging pools of lava. As he continued to go further into the mine he discovered a mysterious and creepy shrine or altar with a transparent skull statue. Suddenly the skull's eyes glow red and David's skin start to be covered in a fleshy red color and his face engulfed by the red mass and the sun vanishes and turns to night.