The Clones are the results of David's Clone Project. The Clones are genetically created super-soldiers and David's children. After several failures, D 2the avid, along with Jermaine, were able to perfect the formula and create the first generation of clones.

First MissionEdit

The first generation of clones, numbering in the fifty, matured and were sent on their first mission, by clearing a village occupied by bandits and securing the stolen loot for the Villagers.

The Early DawnEdit

Several weeks later, the mature clones had become an advanced team of soldiers, and D 2the avid had produced more generations of clones which were still in the nursery developing. This was not before Ricochet had been corrupted by the Porkcrux of Deceit, and launched his project of The Early Dawn, firing missiles at the populated land around FMB and Fnd's base, unknowingly firing several at the clone breeding lab. The majority of the first generation of the clones are killed, while the newer generations were sealed into their sleeping chambers.


After establishing Elysium, David had used Laergulon's tower in the Blue Gardens to began experimenting with Mystcraft to create a all diamond dimension to acquire the amount of diamonds to awaken his children. He was able to acquire the amount in a matter of weeks. After that he was able to use the machine to reawaken the clones.

Invasion of ElysiumEdit

The Clones participated in the battle for Elysium, battling Dark elf mages and High Mage Saenorath and later being killed by their Dark magic. The others were slaughtered by the pigmen and Finbarhawkes's laser beam.

Sole SurvivorEdit

Clone 47 is the last remaining clone and will probably be the last since the Cloning machine was destroyed.

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