– Clone 47

Clone 47, officially called D_47the_avid is a defective clone of D 2the avid from Voltz Wars: Season Three. Clone 47 was one of the last clones made from David's Clone Project, but was defected so that he could only say "David". Being one of the enhanced clones, Clone 47 has super strength, immense resistance and healing abilities, and during the end of Season 4 it was revealed he could fly if in mortal danger (an ability not present in other clones). David played and instrumental role in the defeat of Edd2012 as he could hold the Porkcruxes. Clone 47 was one of 4 characters from Voltz Wars: Season Four to also appear in Minecraft Wars because he traveled through the Black Hole at Elysium.


Clone 47 was created along with the other David's Clones by David's Cloning Machine. However, during a machine malfunction, Clone 47 was damaged during developments. As a result of this Clone 47 was only able to say his name "David".

The Early DawnEdit

During The Early Dawn the clone project base was hit by antimatter missiles as it took off towards the atmosphere. Clone 47 survived the explosion and fell back to the ground were he was captured by the Army of Pork.During his imprisonment,Edd2012 constantly tortured and abused the defected clone and drawing some Porkborn blood.When FunkMasterBlast and Rory Blackhammer attacked Edd's Nether Temple they freed Clone 47 from the dungeon and he returned with them to Winterly Rock

Life at Winterly RockEdit

While living at Winterly Rock, Clone 47 lived with the sheep and cows. Eventually FMB became suspicious of his origins and had Dr. Vick Dan Pyke experiment on him, where they learned that Clone 47 was a super-soldier. Clone 47 managed to escape from the Rock during the Battle of the Rock.

Defeating EddEdit

When King David was killed along with the other clones at the Fall of Elysium, Clone 47 was the last living person who would destroy the Porkcruxes. FMB took Clone 47 along with Lord Rory Blackhammer II and Jimli to attack Stone Garden, the resting place of the last two Porkcruxes. Clone 47 took the Porkcruxes and traveled to Elysium, where they were ultimately destroyed when _Ricochet pushed him into the Black Hole.

Minecraft WarsEdit

Because he was pushed through the Black Hole, Clone 47 was teleported the world of Minecraft Wars (along with FMB and Edd who also jumped into the Black Hole). Clone 47 and Ricochet were captured by the Bandits but were eventually freed by Rob and the now restored Edd.

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