The Church of the Holy Hammer is the second largest religious organization created by D 2the avid as a fake religion to cause religious dissent between the Church of the Spanner's converts and the dwarven population of Winterly Rock. Later, however, C4ff discovered a tomb beneath FMB's wall with a dead priest and scriptures of lore about the legend of the Holy Warhammer of Holiness. Realizing that the Holy Hammer is real made the Church of the Holy Hammer the official religion of Elysium.


  • The Holy Warhammer of Holiness - Worship of the Holy Warhammer of Holiness and praising relics of it as well.
  • The Prophecy - Locating the Holy Warhammer and revealing the "truth" to the whole world.
  • Movements to the dead - Entombing the dead in catacombs beneath the church and raising huge statues to the honoured dead such as Galactus.
  • Elimination of Dark Magic - Purging the land of all evil magic, like the Endwalkers' end magic, and the corruption of the Twilight Forest from the tainted elf wizards.


Hammasons - A secret society created to locate the Holy Warhammer of Holiness and it's relics to learn the "truth "from the hammer by using their vast resources.

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