Christine was a friendly witch who was killed by TycerX, MylesC and Magmamale in search of some magical healing potions.


After TycerX(Minecraft Wars), MylesC (Minecraft Wars) and Magmamale killed a Slime King, a witch named Christina spewed from the remains. The trio, thinking that she was the Wicked Witch of the West, brutally killed her and found a brewing stand as well as several magical items with her.


Apparently Chritine's body was found by a former family member or lover of hers. This mysterious person apparently held a funeral for her and hung her body in some sort of ritualistic custom. They also placed a sign saying not to disturb the body.


Tyler and Myles later found Christine's body and resurrected her using an altar. They did this for the purpose of finding a witch to be friends with Shanti and thus completing her quest. Shanti did not believe that Christine was a real witch, thus leaving Christine to run away. Her current location is unknown.

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