Carlos is a Mexican smuggler who stole the Manyullyn Cleaver from the vault. He was discovered injured by Tycer, Myles and Sean and after they took him in he repaid them by returning the sword.


Carlos stole the ancient and powerful sword that was keep in a secret vault near where Tycer, Sean and Myles lived. After stealing the sword, he fled far from the destroyed vault and was injured at some point during his escape. The trio discovered him and he convinced them that he had not stolen the sword. Feeling sorry for the poor Mexican, the trio healed him and took him into their home. He left by the next morning, leaving the sword behind to repay the group's kindness. Bandits then attacked the group looking for Carlos and the sword..

Captured Edit

The trio later encountered Carlos again when he had been captured by Kederath, who was part of the bandit group hired by the Loxiku. In the escape from the bandit camp, Carlos was shot from out of nowhere.

Injured Edit

After being shot, the group took Carlos to see Dr. Hans Jermann to treat the wound on his upper thigh. However, while the group were collecting supplies for Hans, Carlos was taken to the nether so he could be healed with nether wart. After the group chased Dr Hans into the nether, Carlos and the Dr disappeared again.


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