Captain Villensoy is a privateer who now works for David's Royal Trading Empire. He has been sent on multiple missions by David and has been very successfull. Francois appeares to be French and well versed in pirate lore.

Growing Up a PirateEdit

In the little background knowledge given about Captain Francois it is revealed he grew up with and admired pirates. From this lifestyle Francois was determined to be a pirate himself, eventually rising to the rank of captain. Since he was brought up by pirates, Villensoy learned much about pirate lore. These stories fascinated him so much that Francois studied them profoundly to the point that he could distinguish the great blade, Ukufutheka, when it was found unlabeled in a chest.

Privateering For David and Finding UkufuthekaEdit

Well into his career as a pirate, Captain Francois was attacked by Edd's Pig Army like much of the other pirates and peoples in the land. Francois was forced to flee with his crew and eventually found Elysium. There Francois made his home with Captain Shawcross under the protection of David. Now privateering for David's Trading Empire, captain was sent to find Finbar after Finbar's Trial. Although he found no sign of the fugitive, Francois and his crew came across a ship full of evil mercenaries. After defeating the mercenaries and taking the ship, he noticed a single blade in a chest. With his knowledge of pirate lore, Villensoy immediately recognized the sword as Ukufutheka, a powerful sword of legend. Villensoy took the sword back to David, to which he gave the blade to in a true act of his loyalty.

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