Captain Cornelius Atwood Shawcross (Captain Cornelius or Captain Shawcross for short) is a Pirate captain that is saved by Jermaine and now works for D 2the avid and David's Royal Trading Empire.

Rescued by JermaineEdit

Whilst sailing the high seas, Captain Cornelius' ship was attacked by Edd2012's Army of Pork. His ship was destroyed, but luckily Jermaine, who was on a trading mission, found and picked up the captain and his crew, bringing them back to Elysium. Once there he delivered news about Edd's army attacking cities around the world to FND Games. David proceeded to hire the captain to work in his new Trading Empire.

Pirating for FnDEdit

Once being hired, Captain Shawcross and his crew went right to work attacking and pirating unfriendly vessels in the sea. Within a few days they acquired about 40 diamonds and loads more of gold, much to Finbarhawkes and David's delight.

Infiltrating Winterly RockEdit

As part of a mission to rescue the privateer Jean from Winterly Rock, Captain Cornelius was put in charge of 4 pirates which were to pose as butchers and cobblers in FMB's town. Using the alias of "Con" and codename "Eternal Butter", Cornelius and his team successfully set up shop in Winterly Rock and began sending secret coded messages back to David in Elysium. These messages revealed updates on Sean's condition and other information about happenings at the Rock. After one of the messages got intercepted, Cornelius was forced to stop sending messages. Eventually, David came to check what happened himself, and after seeing how good of a covert operation Cornelius was running, decided to keep the team in Winterly Rock for the time being.

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