Captain Christina Burns is the only female Privateer Captain in David's Royal Trading Empire. She joined along with Captain Francois Villensoy after being attacked by the Army of Pork.

Expeditions for the Trading EmpireEdit

Captain Burns has led many of the privateering ventures in the seas around Elysium. Although most of these were uneventful, she did end up attacking a sushi trading vessel captained by Ockpii, or "a strange octopus man" as she refers to him later. This resulted in Ockpii fleeing the wreckage of his ship to eventually get taken in by Finbarhawkes at Rapture. Because of this event, Ockpii allied with Finbar against Elysium and would later participate in the Elysium-Rapture War.

Testitfying Against FinbarEdit

During Finbar's Trial, Captain Burns was one of the Pirates to testify against Finbar. She claimed that Finbar was not only the one who had tortured Rory Jr., but that he had also sexually assaulted her. This combined with similar claims by the other Pirates led to Finbar's conviction on both accounts.

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