• Flanimal4114

    Kingdom Of Sezonia

    January 23, 2017 by Flanimal4114

    Sezonia is a interdimensional empire, but refers mainly to Sezonia in its literal kingdom sense and not the collision of Sezonian kingdoms. (For the Interdimensional Empire See: Sezonian Interdimensional Empire) Sezonia has been around from before year 0 and has come in many forms with many leaders. Sezonia’s aim as a nation is to bring Sezonian rule to Volumine and keep Sirius (Afguns) in check along with those who use magic to take away what makes us human: free will. However, even with the belief in free will, Sezonians still believe that there are consequences to bad use of it.

    • Rigilkent (Flanimal): A leader who simply watches and keeps things in check.

    • King Arcturus: A descendent of Flanimal (Rigilkent) who helped restore Sezonia after i…

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  • Lord Isen

    Tax Reorganization Act

    November 27, 2016 by Lord Isen

    As of November 26, 2016, let it be signed into law the following altercations of tax law within the United Voltz Federation and its territories. Any tax code unchanged by these laws will remain in its unaltered form.

    • The Import Tax shall be changed to 30% for goods from nations not within the UIC. Nations within the UIC will enjoy a lessened tax of 20%. Nations within the Quaternary Trade Pact (RoT, Syidd, and Commewnist nations) will maintain a 10% tax.
    • A non-government sponsered sweet tax of 5% will be enacted on all sweets that are sold without government sponsorship.
    • The property tax will be altered to better fit with modern times. Properties between 0-5 acres will have a .5% tax, proportionate to the total worth of the property. Properti…
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  • Flanimal4114

    So the trial of Flanimal is now a forum, so to state your case extra please go to the link below.


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  • Lord Isen

    Under the Military Defense Fund Act, the creation of an Emojology Sciences and Engineering Instituation is hereby authorized by the Democratic Federation of Voltz. The Institution will be headquartered on the the Emojology Research Base built in the Coelux system.

    The ESEI will be tasked with the following:

    1. Research of the newly discovered field of Emojology

    2. Engineering of technology to take proper use of Emojology

    3. Weaponization of such technology developed to harness Emojology

    4. Investigation of practical usage of Emojology, with emphasis on anti-psionics

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  • God of Ps

    On the 13th of August 2016, these acts are hereby passed into law by the God-King of Ps the Eternal, Overlord of the Twisting Realm himself.

    1. Expansion and Colonization Act

    • To improve conditions and halt overpopulation within the Holy Psdonia Empire, henceforth efforts will be taken to vastly expand the territories of the empire. Varies waves of supplies and settlers will be transported to newly designated worlds and began the process of establishing colonies there.

    2. Economic Trading Act

    • With the excess production of goods, Psdonia will reopen trade deals and negotiation with other nations as well as creating new business opportunities for the Psdonian people.

    3. Xeraxes II Home Act

    • Henceforth the planet of Xeraxes II will be the center of al…

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  • Flanimal4114

    Dear anyone who really cares

    At the moment I am in African Lingnan African iron thing. anyways let's make this shirt as internet is preciousness and I don't have much nor time.

    If you wish to see what I'm doing or chat or update me or if you care at all, which may be doubtful at times, you can see me at botswanaisawesome on Instagram and then can DM me there.

    Hope everyone is well, sorry anyone I haven't chatted to in a while I'll hopefully be on soon.

    See y'all -dan

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  • Flanimal4114

    Dimension Jumpers

    July 29, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    After the distraction of Sezonia and its last members taking to other dimensions controlled by the Sezonian interdimensional nation,Ma small group who where from the early dimension jumpers, but yet had gone by the name Sezonians and 31337 for some time, decided to again become known as the dimension jumpers.

    The mission of such ones was to go through out the dimensions in order to bring order and peace. However after the building of the Volumine dimension by the Isens and then the Ps reality by the Ps and also all other things that came from this, after all that the true meaning of their cause was lost to that of fighting for Sezonia and thelight,rather than for peace. This however finished after the slow fall of Sezonia and now the dimens…

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  • Lord Isen

    Under the recently passed Free Peoples Act, the Democratic Federation of Voltz hereby recognizes the Federation of Ocelot Burners as the last remaining nation of the Western Continent maintaining an intact self-governance.

    Under the ordinances of the Free Peoples Act, and under the permissions of the FOB government, a three divisions and 200 military instructors of the Foreign Legion of the UVF shall be stationed within the embassy and Orahd Military Base. These shall be instructed to henceforth offer their services towards to protection of the sovereignty of the FOB.

    Further, the technological might of the UVF is supplied to the FOB under the pretense of helping arm the local populous as to protect themselves against any possible invasion. …

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  • Lord Isen

    The Greater UVF Acts

    July 20, 2016 by Lord Isen

    On the 20th of July 2016, these acts are hereby passed into law by the Decomcratic Federation of Voltz House of Legislation.

    1. Stable Economy Act

    • Henseforth the previously closed trade deals with fellow nations of the United Intergalactic Community are reopened, allowing for renegotiation according to the altered economic position of the UVF following the Great Chaos.

    2. Colony Citizenship Act

    • All extraterrestrial colonies under the domain of the UVF containing a polulation of greater than 100,000, previously considered territories under law, are hereby annexed as full provinces. The citizens of such colonies are also hereby recognized as full citizens of the UVF with equal rights. Furthermore each new province receives proportional represen…

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  • Lord Isen

    Hullo! In the rare case anyone noticed that I have been absent for the past few days, this is just a quick explanation why.

    First off I am not dead. If I was dead the Isen-Is-Dead-Enter-Panic-Mode protocol would've gone into effect and the apocalypse may occur. If the apocalypse has not yet occurred then I am not dead.

    Second, pertaining to where I've actually been, the best answer would be caught up in various unrelated time consuming events. These may include: sibling birthdays, family reunions, day-long car drives to Vermont, the 4th of July, ect. All in rapid succession.

    As for the future I will probably be back in a few days. I will however use this time to note that around next week my levels of appearance will once again drop as work w…

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  • God of Ps

    With the collapse of both leadership and society on the planet of Xerexes II, I God-King of Ps the Eternal, Overlord of the Twisting Realm have restore order on the chaos ridden planet and have began to establish recovery efforts including the creation of a new divine tree to not only will heal the planet but it's inhabitants as well. As such effective immediately, the people have signed a binding contract giving me full authority over the planet, including their territories. The city know as Perux Colony,from here on out is now the official capital of Xerexes II.

    The people of Xerexes II will now be governed by Psdonian laws and will be recognized as part of the Holy Psdonian Empire. In time a permanent administrator will be assigned to gove…

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  • Flanimal4114

    See link here:

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  • Flanimal4114

    Voltz fan fic

    May 9, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    So I fond a Voltz fan fic I don't know if we should start using these as fact? They don't contradict and seeing Voltz wars is dieing, no offens, it would make sense. I think a vote would be good.


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  • Flanimal4114

    New volts wars

    April 2, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    Ok, so I have heard that fi bar, David, fab etc are having a new volts wars, is this going to put onto the wiki?? That's the big question, and will apork carry on at a all????? Answers needed soon, thx


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  • Lord Isen

    Wiki War V, also known as the Cat War, the War Over Kanto, and The War for Freedom, was the bloodiest conflict ever occur in the Galaxy. The war began with the invasion of the island of Kanto by the UVAF under orders from then Consul Xera. The aftermath of the war resulted in the creation of the Democratic Federation of Voltz and the collapse of the Slave Trade.

    The war was divided between two distinct groups of allies. The UVF eventually dropped out of the war when the Voltzian Civil War broke out, dividing it between the United Imperium of Voltz which supported the war, and the Democratic Federation of Voltz which opposed the war.

    • United Voltz Federation (later dropped out. UIV still supported the UVOG)
    • Holy Psdonia Empire
    • Empire of New Sezonia …

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  • TrueMoons


    March 19, 2016 by TrueMoons

    I am Luna.

    Once I was a Dangerous Assasin.

    Now, I am someone lost. I don't really know who I am.

    Where I come from.

    If I will ever find my parents.

    If my parents are alive. I think I know Lots of things that dont matter.... Like the Moon cycle and The way The flowers Breath and Live.</span> But I dont know much else. My life used to be a series of questions and sleepless nights under the stars. Hours by streams watching the fish bounce over rocks, being to cold catch any to trade. Painting Moons and Flowers and Little fish and Stars onto cave walls. But now, Flannimal is teaching me how to "Avenge" My home and "Bring justice" to PS. I don't think many people trust me, but I would'nt trust myself if I were them. I was a child brought up to kill …

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  • Lord Isen

    New Sezonia has been utterly and entirely defeated. Their government has collapsed, their armed forces destroyed, and their holdings lost. As such a new government has been established in the main Sezonian Islands, and presides over their former territories, which are now occupied by the UIC. The Gualia Republic has been established and set up in the former capital of New Sezonia, now known as Gual.

    The Gualia Republic Constitution has been written with the help up Occupation General Garry Harrison. It has established a multi-branch democratic government and as just held its first free public election, bringing Bernard Gotz in as the first president of Gualia.

    The occupation of Gualia by UIC forces will be maintained until further notice, wh…

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  • Lord Isen
    • Battle of Mars: An advance force of 1,000,000 UVF forces land on Mars with General Missy, Xera and Doom. They quickly overrun outer Sezonian positions. A division of tanks flanks eastward. The Republic of Truce deploys the Aresundus near the battlefield, sending some reinforcements in. Pearl attacks using the Xera Mark 2 and captures some Sezonian dinosaurs, turning them into cybernetic soldiers. The UVF launches a full assault on the Sezonian defenses, gradually pushing through them. Pearl calls in help from the Dark Clones, who attack the Sezonians. The RoT drops drones behind Sezonian lines, causing further chaos. With the arrival of the Dark Clones, Missy pulls back UVF forces because they don't want to lose soldiers fighting for the …
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  • Lord Isen

    It is of nessesity for, in times of great conflict, the strong nations protect the weaker. To preserve the pleasantries of society, those with the power to overcome the threats of the warmongers and anarchists must to an extent intervine to not only for their own intrests, but in the intrests of life itself.

    The United Voltz Federation has long stood for the ideal of supporting our brother-nations against such threats, and it has been brought to our attention that these intrests have been under flagrant attack by New Sezonia.

    We beleive it is just that the freedom from fear is fundamental to all races within this vast world. New Sezonia, in boundless acts of terror, has taken cause against this freedom. If we do not stand to protect it, then…

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  • Flanimal4114

    "I will not fight these ones who with chains hold me, for they are people like me, and who am i to judge them. But let justice be the way and let it pay back everyone his payment for his life"

    The Sezonian Peace Core was started on the Island Of Peace and by Flanimal when he was in jailed as a slave to Pearl. It was a group settlement of fleeing 31337 soldiers and the leaders of Sezonia after the InterDimensional War I however soon after it made, refugees of the fallen Sezonia came and joined up with the group in the high Northern sea.

    leader: Flanimal

    coleaders: Tesla, Chelsea, Max, Zoe, Joshua, Sam, and a number of generals

    14 Mar 2016: The group is formed on The Island Of Peaceby Tesla, Chelsea, Zoe, Max, Joshua and semi-by Flanimal.

    14 Mar …

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  • Lord Isen

    Over the course of his life, Consul Isen wrote a considerable number of unpublished books recording his observations of the universe. Compiled here, for the first time these extensive works are available to the public.

    A tale from a time long past. It is Isen's personal journal detailing his life on a Ski Resort in a distant dinension.

    A list of wares in Isen's old cabin at the distant Ski Resort.

    A technical guide to a bunch of old projects worked on by Isen. It includes some basic robotics that would be later used to create IssyBot00 (Missy).

    A personl account of an ancient faction called WoodBlocks, which Isen watched over.

    A recount of the history and customs of a dimension known as Pearth.

    A detailed recount of the anatomy of an Isen and th…

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  • Lord Isen

    Obituary of Consul Isen

    February 28, 2016 by Lord Isen

    On February 25, 2016, Consul Isen of Voltz, The Uniter, Defender of the Wiki, a First Emperor of the United Voltz Federation, died peacefully in his home due to sickness and wounds resulting from the Psionic Plague. Lord Isen lived an eventful life, being the 28th Isen to reach the Isen River. Though he did not join the 13 Lost Isens he often contemplated it in his early years as an Isen. Eventually turning his back on the Darkness, and found his way to the Wiki. He lived throughout the unrecorded time of the Wiki, often combatting Ps and striking a friendship with Xera. He started the recorded age of the Wiki with the Declaration of Union, forming the United Voltz Federation. As Emperor, Isen led the UVF through the first two Wars of Ps b…

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  • Flanimal4114

    Destroy the Afguns

    February 27, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    Ok men, this is the leader flanimal speaking, we need to plan to kill the Afguns, or Sirius as some call it. Any ideas??? We need all the info we can get!

    SO let me get this right, and can you say in the chat what has happened between the gaps,:

    The afguns is now friends.... HOW?

    ISen is dead.... WHY?

    Can we get ISEN BACK?

    ps is locked away... HOW AND WHY?

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  • Lord Isen

    List of Known Isens

    February 19, 2016 by Lord Isen

    Here is the complete list of known Isens.

    • 1 - The original Isen on the Wiki. Was more serious in his job than his later replacement, Isen #28. Was killed by Ps (though never truly died) and was secretly replaced by Isen #28, who assumed Isen #1's memories.
    • 2 - Unknown
    • 3 - Unknown
    • 4 - Unknown
    • 5 - One of the Lost Isens.
    • 6 - Unknown
    • 7 - Unknown
    • 8 - Unknown
    • 9 - Unknown
    • 10 - Unknown
    • 11 (Sirius) - The most powerful Isen in using the Nothing and often considered the leader of the 13 Lost Isens. Known as Sirius after the star he became during a long period of dormancy. He seeks to create supreme peace and equality be destroying all life.
    • 12 - Unknown
    • 13 (Mefit) - A jokester Isen. Often plays pranks on the other Isens. The only Isen with a fully carefree person…

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  • Lord Isen

    Name Needed!

    February 16, 2016 by Lord Isen

    Hullo! It's Isen! I had an urge to draw something and I did. I'm planning to use him in my Secret Project, but he needs a name and basic personality! Comment down below what he should be called and act like!

    ...and if your wondering about the secret project... I have one little teaser for ya.

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  • Lord Isen

    On today, February 15, 2016, the 118th, 151st, 160th and 161st Infantry Divisions, along with the 6th and 8th Navies, the 11th, 23rd, and 45th Armour Divisions, and 79th Artillery Division have gone rouge and broken off from the United Voltz Armed Forces. These divisions have now painted their armour and vehicles blood red and taken the name of the Red Army. The Red army is not supported and is currently denounced by the United voltz Federation, but has made its goal clear to bring vengence upon the Sezonians for their actions against peaceful races and their attack on Consul Xera. As I speak, members of this Red Army have attacked and destroyed multiple Sezonain outposts and convoys, leaving no survivors. This is a warning to the People o…

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  • God of Ps

    As of now, February,15 2015, in attendance with the founding of the Hive Mind Triad and peace treaty with all the Ps races, herby form the United Ps Collective being henceforth formed, shall become the official political organization and intergalactic governing body of all Ps races governed and ruled by the Hive Mind Triad of God-Empress, The Great Mother Lady Xera, The Master of Doom,Consul XeraSicarius of Voltz, The Savior and Peacemaker and God-King of Ps the Eternal,Head of the Faith.

    With this document in effect,the authority of the United Ps Collective shall become law within all its domains. Any and all which do not immediately submit to these laws shall be charged and face immediate sentencing.

    The powers and restrictions to which this U…

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  • Lord Isen

    On today, February 14, 2016, I, Consul Isen of Voltz and current Temporary Supreme Leader of the United Voltz Federation, establish the following tenets.

    1. Sanctions imposed, by all members of the Old and New UIC (United Interests Coalition and United Intergalactic Community), against New Sezonia.

    2. Appropriate actions taken to preserve the various species endangered by the genocidal Sezonian, using Military Force where necessary.

    3. Increasing the size of the Royal Guard tenfold to protect Consul Xera and her associates until further notice.

    4. The UVF is to be placed in a state of emergency, and all call for all Military Commanders to report has been issued.

    5. A call to all loyal citizens to the UVF has been issued, to join the armed force…

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  • Flanimal4114

    InterDimensional War I

    February 14, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    See Link:

    InterDimensional War I - Was a war to destroy all who serve the ps, by flanimal in volumine. He started it with a feast "to the ps" but then sent in troops to kill all who served the ps and all who fought for the ps.

    Flanimal fighting with the ps himself, got taken down by xera and forced to use his light powers to blast the floor and land in the basement. He then blew down the building and formed into a piece of rock. This lead to mathew coming from Droom with the 31337 to help fight the ps and xera who had changed into dragons. All of the 31337 died except mathew who could escape because he didnt leave th portal and could return to Droom. Flanimal, being made human again by Math…

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  • XeraSicarius

    I, Consul Xera Sicarius, will be taking a temporary hiatus as Consul of the UVF. I am doing this for a number of reasons:

    1. The UVF needs a strong leader through the so called "Freeze War" and I cannot be that strong leader. Lord Isen will be the best option for the UVF in this time of need.

    2. I want to spend more time with my children: my Peras, my Psen and my Ispen. I want to protect them from anything another war might throw at them and I feel I can't do that while having to deal with a war itself.

    3. I do not appreciate being dubbed an "evil queen" by certain members of the community. I have never intentionally done anything evil and would never attempt to hurt anyone unless it was necessary. 

    I will return to my post once I feel I am ne…

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  • XeraSicarius

    Foundation and New Peace

    February 12, 2016 by XeraSicarius

    I, Consul Xera Sicarius, have been contacted by the leader of the Sugar Free minority of Gummy Bears and was asked to grant them a country of their own and, with the support of the Gummy Bear government, a section of eastern Gummy Bear Wiki has become the newly founded State of Confectionia, aided by myself and by generous funding from God of Ps, along with aid from UIC. As well as this, the State of Confectionia is an industrial nation, thanks to my funding, and factories are quickly rebuilding their economy. 

    Several high ranking members of the Sugar Free Gummy Bear county have converted to the True Lore in thanks for my support and a national monument will honor the brave heroes and people who fought for their freedom.  Also, they have g…

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  • XeraSicarius

    I, Consul Xera Sicarius, am pleased to announce the creation of the Perux Colony. This colony is purely dedicated to the protection of Peras and nothing else. This is to happen on a small planet called Xerexes II, a predominantly jungle planet with few plains for playing on. The reason for the creation of this colony is to provide a safe home for Peras away from all those who would want to harm them. To all those looking to attack this colony, it is under the protection of both the UVF and United Ps Collective.

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  • Flanimal4114

    Flanimal Stuff

    February 9, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    Place for me to put what ever i want in just to show all of you ;)

    My wiki (sezonia) is now running with me updating it all the time, go check it out ;) at



    photos of my mapping stuff:

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  • XeraSicarius

    Reports of a strange creature's body being discovered in a Ps Rad factory reveal large tracts of Gummy bear DNA, along with some Sezonian raptor DNA that has apparently mutated. Studies into the genetic information also reveal a mixture of douses of the popular soda drink Ps Rad in it's system, which also include a mysterious venom or neurotoxin in the saliva. Future tests have revelaed this venom has disturbing mutagenic properties which, once injected into an open wound, cause the victim's DNA to morph into something much like this creature. This being has been dubbed the Were-Raptor and is to be avoided at all costs.


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  • Lord Isen

    Armistice of Gummy City

    February 7, 2016 by Lord Isen

    On today, February 7, the following armistice will go into effect:

    • Ending of all combat on all fronts between New Sezonia, Blood Dragon Islands, United Voltz Federation, Gummy Bear Freedom Fighters, Republic of Truce, Britian, and Community Central.
    • New Sezonia evacuated by occupying troops.
    • Gummy Bear Wiki evacuated by Sezonian troops.
    • Taken Gummy Bear lands returned to their rightful owners.
    • Mars is to be given to New Sezonia as a territory.
    • New Sezonia revokes all claims for the former Sezonian Shore and western Gummy Bear Wiki.
    • New Sezonia will pledge no longer attack any lands on the Wikia with the intent of capturing foreign land.
    • New Sezonia will take responsibility for the damages to the Gummy Bear Wiki and pay for losses.
    • New Sezonia will…
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  • Lord Isen

    Within the confines of lasting peace, so wrought by tragedy of the Fourth War of Ps, the civilized nations of the world have endeavored to maintain a safe and stable environment within the boundaries of our planet. With the great expanse of space opened, it has become apparent that the times of wars over petty land had ended, and in the face of this massive new frontier, territorial disputes could be lost to the ages.

    I have held a firm belief, as have many others, that the wars on Wikia were over. That peace could be preserved for our homeland. However, much to my disappointment, this appears to be a false notion. Even in the wake of the most civilized of treaties, the barbarisms of war rear their ugly head.

    The recent actions taken by New …

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  • Lord Isen

    Kingdom of New Psdonia

    February 4, 2016 by Lord Isen

    The Kingdom of New Psdonia is a nation of Ps, ruled by the Ipsen Hierarchy, which is in open rebellion against the Holy Psdonia Empire. The Kingdom of New Psdonia seeks to overthrow the God-King Ps the Eternal and replace his tyrannical rule over the Ps with a new dynasty of Ipsen control. The Kingdom of New Psdonia currently rules over only a few distant Ps Planets which have been corrupted by the Ipsen Virus. The official ruler of the Kingdom of New Psdonia is Father Xera, though it is truly controlled by the Ipsen Hive Mind.

    • Father Xera the Savior: Officially the ruler of the Ipsens, known as Father Xera in rebellion against their true father, Ps. Xera has been prophesied by the Ipsen Hive Mind as the one to slay their oppressor, Ps, and f…

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  • Lord Isen

    As of January 30th and onwards, the Emperorship of the United Voltz Federation has been abolished and replaced with the Consulary of the United Voltz Federation. As opposed to the original single absolute power of the emperor, the power is now split between two Consuls, that serve life terms. Each Consul has absolute power over everything exept the other Consul. Each Consul also has the power to veto any order from the other Consul. The Consuls of the United Voltz Federation are former-Empress Xera the Playful, and the now revived former-Emperor Isen of Voltz.

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  • Lord Isen

    Maps of the Wiki

    February 3, 2016 by Lord Isen

    Having completed its imaging of the Wiki, the Horizon II Satellite has compiled the following maps of the Wiki, for reference.

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  • Lord Isen

    In response to to recent events, the Ivestigative Defense Bureau has issued the following warents:

    1. Information regarding the Order of the Blazing Eyes.

    2. Information regarding possible insurgents within UVF societies.

    3. Information regarding any known surviving Ipsens.

    A reward of 10,000 Volarii is to be offered for credible evidence in any of the aforementioned categories.

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  • Samblueman

    Dragon Blood Islands

    February 3, 2016 by Samblueman

    dragon Blood Islands is a group of five islands off the northern coast, near to New Sezonia.

    King samblueman: is ruler of dragon blood and is also a rockey, a type of stone creature that can shoot crystals out its hands.

    General Blue: leader of the army's of dragon blood and also a rockey.

    Dragon Blood Base is a base of five islands off the north coast. It has four outer islands that are armed with misses and AA guns etc. the inner island is a complex base full of security, and the inner island is home to hundreds of rocky soldiers.

    4 Feb 2016: founding of Dragon Blood by Samblueman the rockey.

    A team of rockets, rock animal that are basically bullet proof an dthat shoot crystals out there hands that can eat away at you and turn someone into crys…

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  • XeraSicarius

    As of 21:53 (EST) pm, 1st February 2016, there has been an attack on the Taft Colony of Darren-4. These unknown attackers used Light based weaponry to destroy a large portion of the supplies, however no one was hurt. An investigation is to be launched into what has happened and will attempt to trace these assailants back to their source.


    Investigations report (as of 22:11 (GMT), 2nd February 2016):

    A secret enterance was discovered leading to a room filled with Order of the Blazing Eye propaganda, Light weaponry, the supplies stolen from the remains of the warehouses and several captives who have been turned into augmented slaves. There is also evidence of failed experiments, such as mutated plants, a few samples of Blood Flu and sever…

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  • God of Ps

    Edicts of Pstopolis

    January 30, 2016 by God of Ps

    With the creation of Pstopolis, I , God-King of Ps, draft and create these regulations,rulings and edicts to better express Psdonia power and enforce my will on Pstopolis.

    • Only Ps or Psified beings are allowed to reside and even set foot on Pstopolis. Those non Ps with special permission are allowed to land on Pstopolis but must respect the authority of the Ps.
    • Construction of a new grand Cathedral of the True Lore for the Imperial Church of Pstology, building of suburbs for residents, constructions for state buildings and a second palace for the God-King.
    • Any non Ps wishing to enter into Pstopolis's controlled space are required to pay a small tax.
    • The national animal, bird and flower and been chosen for Pstopolis with the Giant Ps Space Squi…
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  • Flanimal4114


    January 28, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    NEW SEZONIA is the split off from the kingdom of old sezonia, New Sezonia is run by a Technocracy lead by flanimal and his co-leaders: Tesla and Quark. New Sezonia rulls over a number of small islands where its peoples (a highly intelligent people) build giant buildings and structures, great in beauty and scale. They have also funned a number of agencies.

    King Flanimal The First the leader holds controll of the small police force and gives consent and instruction to all the agencies and projects. He also comes up with many inventions.

    Tesla co-leader is in charge of the people and what they would like along with construction and diplomacy.

    Quarkco-leader is in charge of all war efferts and construction of military objects. He is also in charge…

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  • Flanimal4114

    The Sezonian Island Space Agency is run by New Sezonia on its outer island of its small Technocracy lead by flanimal its leader and his co-leaders: Tesla and Quark. The governement has just created the SISA and it is progressing to start sending rockets to the moon.

    Its rockets are powered by dextrose or sucrose mixed with FE0 and KNO3 creating the solid fuel it needs, from here it uses both hydrogen and helium reaactions to creat its most powerful, and deadly, engine: SUN - super universal nuclear.

    an attempt to take one of the planets known moons and colonize its desolate and hostile enviroment. It has so far begun with the buil;ding of the S.U.N. Rocket MKII which will send 1000 soldiers and pilots and scientists to the moon along with 20…

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  • Lord Isen

    Taft Colony Established

    January 27, 2016 by Lord Isen

    Today, January 27, 2016, the Transcendence I Colonizer landed on the alien planet of Darren-4, along with an escort of two Behemoth Cruisers. The expedition was led by Pioneer Felipe Fillmore, who has given the all-clear for colonization to begin. The Transcendence has already entered into colony mode and established the Taft Colony on Darren-4. Fillmore then made contact with the natives of the planet, a penguin-harpy hybrid currently being called harpenguinies. The harpenguiny leader, King Flappy, has entered into peaceful terms with our settlers and trade has already begun between the two groups. Some are already calling today "Colony Day" in remembrance of the setting up if the first UVF Deep Space Colony. A travel network is in the wo…

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  • Flanimal4114

    Formal Surrender

    January 27, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    Flanimal4114, i, shell now give a public Surrender to the admins, as i called them.

    My terms of my Surrender are 1) that my name is cleared of all prier transgresions against the laws. 2) that all laws are to be revised and updated for the moder wiki and 3) that i have permission to hold onto a small team that will be dedicated to helping the wiki in the ways it aproves, of which will be discused with the admins.4) i want at least SOME of my rights to be some how published.

    I do not know what the admins want besides i stop fighting them and trying to start a revolution, this is agree to, i will no longer fight the admins, as long as my terms are met. Also i take full responsibility for the second wiki war :) 

    thank you, the admins.

    -Flanimal r…

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  • Flanimal4114

    25/01/2016 9;35

    this is the first letter sent in reply to doom.

    First of all i would like to point out your terrible use of curse words and simple, nonintellegent, words like "stupid" and "shut up" etc. (lines: 2, 8, 9, 18, 20) This use of wording is uncalled for and nonhelpful to any party and is "...wast of everyones time including yours..."

    ""So I won't be surprised that some of our actions are because of "dictatorship". But it isn't." firstly i do not understand what this means, but i take your are saying you are not dictators? If you clarify this remark then i could maybe reply to it, sadly i can not due to its lack of clarification.

    Next, the people that you called as witnesses to my so called "crimes" of ""trolling"" are all admin party…

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  • Flanimal4114

    Just A Joke

    January 24, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    A young Naval Officer was in a terrible car accident, but due to the heroics of the hospital staff the only permanent injury was the loss of one ear. Since he wasn’t physically impaired he remained in the military and eventually became an Admiral. However, during his career he was always sensitive about his appearance. One day the Admiral was interviewing two Navy Master Chiefs and a Marine Gunnery Sergeant for his personal staff. The first Master Chief was a Surface Navy type and it was a great interview. At the end of the interview the Admiral asked him, “Do you notice anything different about me?” The Master Chief answered, “Why yes. I couldn’t help but notice you are missing your starboard ear, so I don’t know whether this impacts your…

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  • XeraSicarius
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