is a major battle in Voltz Wars in Season Four that took place shortly after the Invasion of Elysium. It involved the Army of Pork led by Edd2012 personally in order to destroy the last major opposition to the Empire of Pork and destroy the Church of the Spanner which rivals Porkology. The battle began when the Army of Pork sounded their war horn. This alerted FunkMasterBlast as he went outside to the castle walls to find a medium sized porkish force on the bridge of the south side. Ricochet soon came with TNT rigged to the bridge thus already knowing of the attack. Rob gave him the order to blow it and so was it. But all seemed to easy, then, another war horn blew coming from the north and FMB quickly ran over their finding Woodfolk archers and Grudgebringers already lined up. Robin Woodfolk informed Rob that they were flying a truce banner as Edd wanted to speak to the Leader of the city as he does in other battles asking if they will surrender without blood shed. In a foolish move, Richard fired arrows at the Pork Lord who then declared the attack. Rob set his anger to the side because they had bigger problems to deal with and ordered the soldiers to hold the line. Edd's Army mounted Siege Towers used to scale walls and high structures to the castle and Pork men soon flooded out. The soldiers fought wilpth all their might as did Lord Funk and Sir Ricochet but their were too many pork men that were quickly overrunning the walls. FMB decided to use flame arrows to burn the towers and ensure that no more pork lords could scale it. Edd saw this and decided that the entrance was too narrow to make an attack, so he ordered Ross aka Mustache Man to divert the forces. In a act of deception, Ross lied to FMB claiming that Sir Oliver Crumble was the porky spy sent to spy on them and that he opened the eastern entrance. Enraged by this, Funk ordered Morgan Bernhardt to divert the army to the east wing. Everything was going to plan for Edd.

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