The Bandits are a large band of raiders who terrorize the area which FMB arrived to Minecraft Wars. Nathan was just their latest victim. They are working for the Loxiku.

Raid on The FarmEdit

The Bandits were returning to raid Nathan again after murdering his wife and boys, burning his barn and chasing his cattle off. But ambushed FMB who were rebuilding the barn, soon killing the bandits.

Fmb's RaidEdit

Edd and Rob believe that Ricochet has been taken captive by the bandits. Nathan tells them that the bandits' base is south in the hills. Soon they locate the base which is a deserted village and a large herd of cattle caged in, Edd and Rob began to kill the bandits. Then start to enter the desert temple with a large force of bandits. They discover a small prison section with Rich and Clone 47 imprisoned.Setting both Rich and David's last clone free and later the cows as well. Finally FMB is reunited.

Attack on Alfonso's VillageEdit

A large raiding party of bandits attack the village where TycerX(Minecraft Wars), MylesC (Minecraft Wars) and Magmamale were residing, setting fire to the homes and surrounding trees.

Further AttackEdit

The trio along with Alfonso set up a base in the woods near where Finbarhawkes (Minecraft Wars)'s was searching for the artifact. When the trio created a secret vault, an unknown thief broke in and stole the sword and was attacked and nearly robbed by a gang of bandits who later showed up at their base and were killed by the trio. As it would appear the reason for the hostility toward the trio is that the Loxiku have hired several to retrieve the relic for some unknown purpose.


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