Alfonso is a villager blacksmith who lived in a small village deep in the forest near where TycerX(Minecraft Wars), Magmamale and MylesC (Minecraft Wars) arrived in Minecraft Wars. He is of Australian origins due to his accent (performed by Sean) and has expert knowledge of swords for reasons yet unknown.

Village RaidEdit

Soon a large gang of Bandits attacked the village killing the remaining villagers and setting fire the houses. Tycer, Sean, Myles took Alfonso with them and journey across the desert near where FMB and Finbarhawkes (Minecraft Wars) are.

The VaultEdit

After Tycer, MylesC (Minecraft Wars) and Magmamale were killed by Finbarhawkes (Minecraft Wars) in search of a unknown artifact. The trio go back to the slime island where they first met Finbar, after constructing a quarry and digging out the land they discover a chest with a powerful sword within. They quickly rush back to their base and hand the sword to Alfonso who tells the trio of the sword's power and fearing that it would land into the wrong hands asked his friends to build a vault to hold the powerful artifact.


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