Albert Swinebelly was a man who found Edd in the woods after he exploded in the alien ship. He brought Edd to his house where he slept for a few days. It is known that Albert also likes pork.

Making SausagesEdit

After Edd woke up, he made some food for him. After Edd finished eating, he offered Albert to repay his kindness by helping out. There is a lord in the land who is obsessed with sausages, so Edd offered Albert to bake the lord some delicious sausages so that he gives Albert treasures. With that Edd began contrasting a ring of stone and obsidian around a pool of water in the middle of the town. Meanwhile Albert questioned what he was doing. To which Edd told him that he was preforming a ceremony of his people to make the greatest sausages in the world.


Edd placed all the pigs into the pool and threw some pork chops into it. However Albert was tricked. Edd told him to chant about the pork which he did, then he threw a bottle of Porkranium at Albert. After that Edd began for the final part of the ceremony, the blood sacrifice. Edd suddenly pulled out a dagger and murdered Albert, causing his body to fall into a pool. With that the pool turned into a pinkish like ooze, while the pigs were transformed into Edd's new brood of Porklings which would become the first troops for the Second Army of Pork.

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